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January 2009 schedule from Official Site

From January, 1 till January, 7 - New Year's holidays
January, 8 - Vladivostok, the closed event
January, 9 - Khabarovsk, the closed event
From January, 10 till January, 16 - The record of songs from Vitas' new album under the working name "Say You Love". Author's songs will be included into this album.
January, 17 - Ufa, the closed event
January, 18 - Ekaterinburg, the closed event
January, 19 - Kazan, the closed event
January, 20 - Nab.Chelny, the closed event
From January, 21 till January, 25 - St.Petersburg - the series of performances devoted to the raising of the blockade
January, 28 - Moscow, the Kremlin
January, 29 - Moscow, the Kremlin

06 january 2009


Ольга on Nov 30th, 2018

Витас! Когда вы приедете в Павлово?

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