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Vitas' September 2009 schedule from Official Site

September, 3 - Moscow, Music House, Vitas' participation in a concert program, TVC shooting
September, 4 - Moscow, Luzhniki, the ceremony "Masters Of Capital", Vitas' participation in a concert program

September, 8 - PRC, Yinchuan Vitas' performance in The Same Song Yinchuan Great Concert

September, 11 - Minsk, the closed event
September, 12 - Brest, the closed event

September, 19 - PRC, Dalian Inernational Fashion Festival

September, 23 - Moscow, Anniversary of the Ministry of the Atomic Industry
September, 26 - Irkutsk, Vitas' solo concert "Return Home"
September, 27 - Angarsk, Vitas' solo concert "Return Home"
September, 28 - Krasnoyarsk, Vitas' solo concert "Return Home"

01 september 2009


Ольга on Nov 30th, 2018

Витас! Когда вы приедете в Павлово?

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