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Lyrics:     Circus
Everybody is laughing and cheerful dwarfs
Are blowing up balloons
And petards explode like fireworks
The circus arrived and everyone is smiling
In this circus we are all spectators
We are all beasts and tamers
Everything here is far too familiar to us
We feel at home in this circus

Everything is simple here and very mysterious
And the clown burst into fits of laughter
Because the gymnast had fallen down
He just wanted to turn a somersault for us
We all gathered her not by chance
And it's not a secret any more
That we are all clowns in this circus
And the gymnast's legs are broken

We all grew up in this circus
And derived only one idea
Everyone thinks about the same -
How to avoid turning into an elephant
But they all want to become magicians
And they shout and wave their flags
Although they are ordinary spectators
Just station keepers and nothing else
Acrobats and sword-swallowers
Tightrope-walkers and snake-charmers
Rope-walkers and strong men
Lilliputians and stuntmen...
Everything is relative in this circus
And we laugh inexpressively
Because everyone is worried
Lest he should stay by the side of the road

Аноним on Aug 2nd, 2020

Витасу желаю новых творческих успехов и не забывать про СНГ! Одна Ваша поклонница Маргарита увы не дождалась и у неё сейчас уже больше года серьезные проблемы с неврологией, дисциркулярная энцефалопатия, она из Киева была, уже к сожалению больше Вам в гостевой не напишет, хотя раньше часто писала.

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